New Sprinkler system

Hi. I’m new around here and to CA. So I don’t have much experience with sprinkler systems. This is even a new system that I am unfamiliar with. The middle one is leaking out of the top. Can anyone give me any information on what components I’m dealing with? And any solutions?
Any info is much appreciated. Thank you
Chase Callaghan

From hear it looks like a standard Toro jar-top anti-siphon sprinkler valve, with a drip zone connector (the thing on the bottom).

Do you know why it would be leaking water out of the top? I can assume back pressure, but not sure what the issue might be.
This is my home.

I agree with Dominic. And you don’t need a solution. Just rport that it is leaking and recommend a qualified sprinkler specialist fix it.

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Because it’s broken?

Seriously, it’s not suppose to leak, write it up and move on. Observe and report.

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This is my home. Or I would just report and needing correction. I thought I would ask around here before going deeper.

Chase, pay someone to fix it and watch them. Then you’l know for the next time. :smile:

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OK, I missed that part.

The valve is a simple thing to rebuild. Run down to your nearest big box store and get the gasket/parts kit for Toro valves. Or just remove the whole valve and replace it.

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This works too…

Thank you guys. I will go to Lowe’s tomorrow. Just figured you guys would have some knowledge I didn’t. And you did.
Sorry I wasn’t specific in my post about it being my actual issue.
Much appreciated.

If it’s leaking while the controller/timer isn’t calling for watering, you will need to rebuild the valve. Either something is stuck in it or the diaphragm/valve body is defective. If it’s leaking while running that zone, you will need to rebuild the anti-siphon part of the valve. If you don’t feel comfortable with this, get someone to help you. It’s not rocket science but you need to be handy.

It is leaking while the zone is off. I will rebuild it tomorrow. Thank you for the insight. I feel confident I can do it myself.

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Shut the water off, open the valve (twist off the bonnet nut), check if there is any debris. If not, replace the diaphragm with a new one. Don’t forget the spring that pushes down on the diaphragm. If this does not stop the leak, you may need to replace the valve body. Check the seat to make sure it’s nice and smooth and free of dents and such. The plastic seat that’s part of the valve body must be smooth & flat to seal 100% GL Let me know if you have any questions.

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thats an Iritrol jar top and it has a micro filter as well the top area where the wires are is the silionide if its leaking tighten the lid and tighten the silinoide

Since you mentioned it…valve

If the solenoid was the issue, the zone would not shut off, it would not merely leak at the antisiphon.

Actually it may misbehave in a few different ways, but I agree with where you’re going.

I’ve replaced the parts in those valves many times, it ain’t that complicated.

Don’t replace one do all three. The other two will start leaking soon

Depends on their age. Judging by the solenoid I know they are not too old, so I wouldn’t do that, waste of money.

Anything is possible as I am not there :slight_smile: However, I am pretty certain the OP has a small flow through the valve because the diaphragm isn’t sealing and or the valve body is bad. If the solenoid was bad too then the zone wouldn’t turn on with enough flow/pressure. I am assuming that zone is working and the valve is just leaking from antisiphon when the zone is shut off. I’m familiar with most of the ways they fail because I worked as an irrigation tech for 6 years.