New St. Louis/IL border NACHI Chapter

NACHI Ladies and Gents,

We are pleased to announce a new chapter (approved by NACHI) in the greater St. Louis/IL area. This chapter is just now in it’s beginning stages and currently NO appointed officers exist. If your interested in joining please contact me via phone or email. The first meeting will be held at the end of January and if all goes well Nick will be in attendence. Once we get feedback on how many would like to participate we’ll then set the time and place for our 1st meeting, start nominations/elections for officers, and I’ll start building the chapter website which will include a full page feature ad for each member. My goal for our website is to get us recognization through the use of Dom’s tips on SEO in and around the greater St. Louis area. Any questions or concerns please address them with me. Thank you!

Congrats Bill.

I have to say that the Mighty Mississip is the Mother of All Borders.

Thanks John!

I have to agree :slight_smile: