New Starting out, advice in inspection


My name is Taye

I have no experience at all in inspection. I have some experience in construction but mainly in electrical. I currently work for a city in California. I am trying to apply or at least going to try to be a building inspector or Utility inspector for the city.

I would like to pad my resume in inspection and maybe even start a home business.
Currently, I purchased a IBC 2012 and looking to take the ICC B2 commercial building inspection exam, then later B1 to complete the Building inspection series.

What can I do to gain experience? What step or course can I take to make it look better on my resume? How did you start out in inspection?

Any course I can take to help me pass ICC B2 and B1? I have the IBC 2012 book.

What do you think about the ICC IBC 2012 exam prep book?
Is it even possible to pass the B2 experience with no experience in inspection?


As for courses: and