New Statewide Wisconsin Chapter

A new statewide Wisconsin Chapter has just been formed and an email announcement will be going out shortly to all Wisconsin NACHI members with meeting information a well as location of our website and state message board system.

We plan to be offering a good number of educational events annually and will rotate locations to best serve Wisconsin inspectors.

We also plan to develop a program to help promote NACHI members and the inspection industry in Wisconsin. All Wisconsin NACHI members can feel free to contact me for further details.

So when we gonna hear from you? Sorry, I’m getting a little antsy!:twisted:


OK. All the details so far are on the new website at:

I sent out a mailing this weekend but you must not be in my database. I’ll see that you are added. There is a one day class on November 11th and NACHI will be doing some promoting too. Also the first formal chapter mmeting will be scheduled following the class.