New Student of InterNachi

Hello everyone. My name is William Jefferson. I’m a new student and I’m excited to begin my journey into the world of home inspections. Still trying to navigate through this website. It seems like it’s so much information that it somewhat feels overwhelming. But I’m sure I’ll adjust. Wish me luck


Welcome to the forum William.tenor (10)

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I greatly appreciate it

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Hi, William. Welcome to the InterNACHI MB.

Yes. I concur. As when I started >< 11 years ago. I too felt there is a lot of great information. InterNACHI was my third course on building inspections.
Take your time navigating the web site. Feel free to ask questions. Lots of helpful inspectors at the ready to help you. Be patient for replies. Remember, there are many time zones and inspectors are not logged in the the message board all the time.

Ben Gromicko will be at the ready during your studies. Ben’s The Best!

All the best with your endeavors in the field of building defect recognition and consultations, William.
One step at a time. Be posative and persistent. We all all here to help you achieve your goal of becoming a CPI, Certified Professional Inspector.

Best regards.
Robert Young

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Welcome and good luck, William!

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Welcome and good luck William! As you navigate through the forum and the InterNachi site it will become more familiar to you.
InterNACHI offers great courses and many other member benefits. Take advantage of them. We look forward to seeing the CPI designation next to your signature!

Best wishes William !!! Happy Inspecting!!!

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Helpful hints for New Inspectors.pdf (230.1 KB)

Good luck!

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Good luck and welcome!