New Superior Product and Service Web Seals

We designed new Superior Product and Service Web seals for inspection industry vendors.

Bzd Idea in my opinion. Who decides on if a vendor is “superior” ? Most, if not all vendors that poach off Inspectors are controversial as some like them and others do not. This is something that should be left to the actual inspectors and not to Nachi or any other association whatsoever.

NACHI already promotes several vendor/products that Nick himself sais are useless to inspector clients. He always sais he is simply making inspectors aware of vendors and their products and is Not our momma to decide which ones are good or bad. This is a reverse action on that, but who would have figured that.

Bring On The Rukus !!



I do using the criteria we explain in Ben’s link.

And therein lies the problem. just join Nachi as a vendor and follow the vendor coe according to your in trepidation and you are now a superior vendor. ??

Lrts see how this pans out, I can only guess… Hopefully you do the right thing :slight_smile: