New Tax Hike...

SS tax just increased by 5.8% largest increase in 27 years.

What are you talking about Ken?

It was just on the news. CNN

Makes no sense Ken. You heard something incomplete.

Are you sure CNN wasn’t talking about Congress’ latest approval rating? :wink:

They just said on CNN that a 5.8% increase was voted on and passed. That’s all I know.

Social Security benefits going up by 5.8 percent link

											 						October 16, 2008 - 8:43am

My in-laws are going to be PEEVED when they hear about this!!! :shock:

Why, did they want more?


oops, i heard them say tax increase so many times, i automatically assumed tax hike, sorry.

Increased income by 63 bucks a month.???

Man, that’s gonna raise my taxes now.