New Texas Standards of Practice

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Once an entry is published can it be edited? I don’t see an edit feature on the dashboard when logged in. I’m guessing no edits are allowed so that the post does not have to be reviewed/moderated multiple times, right?

Yeah—for now just let us know if there’s something that needs to be changed.


No, not really…I did see that I could have used another, easier to use hyperlink on one of the files noted in the blog I posted. The one in the blog works but the other one is a little more straight forward. No big deal.

Mike. Quick question. Do you think under Appliances that Garage Door Operator(s) is a typo and should be Opener? Seems like a strange word to use and the previous version used Opener. I realize it could still be considered proper English, but it’s not exactly common language.

Dominic…all of my records and the files on the TREC website refer to it as Garage Door Operators in both the old & new SOP and the old & new forms (7A-0 & 7A-1). The only difference I see is that the phrase is actually written Garage Door Operator(s), with parentheses, in the new form. I’m thinking maybe you had it wrong all along. Do you have a reference where it shows it as Garage Door Opener?

Garage door operator or operators is the industry recognized terminology

You guys are right, I just never noticed that before, and amazingly none of our users ever pointed it out on the old form. Although they might have just corrected it themselves and moved on.

One other thing I did notice though, all the sub titles such as: Approximate Average Depth of Insulation, have all the words starting in caps. The only exception is the water supply system where they state: Location of main water supply valve. I’m going to go under the assumption that the 3 items listed under Water Supply System and Fixtures are just typo’s. What do you think?

Well, TREC could go either way on this…one, changing those words to start with a upper case doesn’t affect a darn thing and shouldn’t matter. Or two, you know they can be anal about some things and insist it be exactly as written. Your guess is as good as anyones. I will send a formal “Request for Clarification” to TREC (or you can if you prefer) to get an official ruling. For the time being, you would be safe in writing it just like they have it on the sample form.

Yeah I know how they can be sometimes about their ruling. Their last TREC version had the // the wrong way on http:// on their cover page and it drove me nuts for the longest time. They fixed it in this version though :slight_smile:

The attorney I used to send my TREC questions to is no longer in charge. What address would the TREC emails go to now?

Well, the attorney you are referring to has assumed new responsibilities but she is still responsible for seeing the new SOP and Form thru to implementation in February. I still send questions to her and let her forward them if need be.

Ok, I’ll send it to her then, thanks!

Ok, I sent the email off to Devon, I’ll let you know what she says.


Dominic…did you get a response from Devon yet?

Unfortunately no. Which is unusual as in the past she responded quickly.

I’ve gone ahead and almost finished all the changes I need to make for the new TREC version. I had planned on releasing it as I was told by a few that the new form could be put into use now, but then read on the TREC website that it can’t be used until February.

I had a few other questions too as I’ve heard different stories on some of the issues from different people. For example, one inspector told me at a TREC meeting they were told they are allowed to have a SINGLE cover page in front of their report, while another inspector told me the heard they aren’t allowed any cover page.

A cover page or ‘vanity page’ is allowed and I’ve heard that with my own ears from TREC but I don’t think it’s written anywhere. I actually have two cover pages on my reports. For what it’s worth I would not recommend that any s/w provider design their standard TREC template to include anything other than what is on form 7A-1. I had another question to Devon and she has not responded to me yet either…she may be out of the office this week or something. There’s an Inspectors Committee meeting on Tuesday where she will be present but unfortunately I have a conflict and will not make that meeting.

I think I know someone who is going so I’ll have them ask. I do know an inspector told me they went to a SOP/7A-1 class meeting and they said a cover page, not pages was allowed.


Can you tell us what to expect in the newer TREC version of the software? Any upgrades or is this just a TREC refresh with the new form?

Dominic, this thread will not allow attachments. You do have the new form rules from TREC for REI 7A-1, right? If you do not have those new rules let me know and I’ll e-mail them to you or tell you where they are located on the TREC website. I depend upon the last sentence of paragraph 3.K to include a photo of the home as a ‘Pre-cover page’, a cover page with my company logo & other information and also a Summary page(s) & other reference material. Here’s the way I look at it…for a long time I delivered a binder to my clients with all of that stuff and more in it. The report itself was completely TREC compliant but those other items were included as well. I don’t deliver a hard copy binder any longer, just an e-mailed report, but it still contains much of what was in the binder. Again, the report itself is completely compliant though.