new thermal imaging brochure

A new brochure for thermal imaging has been added to the Marketing Library.

Have it customized with your information, or print it as is and add your business card.

A special thank you to Brandon Clark for the use of his images!



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Hi Jessica, that looks alot like what we were working on. I am almost catching up to the world and will renew work on the brochure in a few. You are a very talened person!

Create a page for our IR students and I will send all my students to you.

Jesse, get Chloe to ship Brandon a bunch of flashlights and stuff for providing the PICs. Thanks Brandon!

Y’all are more than welcome! I’m glad she found some that were helpful!

You guys don’t have to send me anything. It’s actually rewarding seeing that some of my images worked for you.

I think the brochure turned out quite well!:mrgreen:

The image that says missing insulation. How is that so. It looks like there is a cool room below and a warm space above. I don’t see any signs of leakage. Only coming off the roof which is normal. I guess because there is no image to compare it to makes it difficult to know what the viewer is looking at. Just curious :wink: