New to HG. How do I...

I think I have it set up correctly but, How do I confirm the force payment is setup? When I choose to send e-mail notification, I left the boxes unchecked on “view” and “Forward” thinking that keeps the cust/Rep from viewing without calling me to pay first but I just get an error saying I didn’t set permissions. I am not set up w/ any merchant account I am just using Square for the moment.

When I clik on “Payment Status” it shows “Doc blocks?” with a green checkmark. Does that mean I can send e-mail notifications w/ permissions boxes checked and it will still block them from seeing report until they call me to pay?

When you upload a report select Request payment. Enter the amount. The view forwarding permissions needs to be checked so AFTER they pay they will have those privileges. When you return to list of reports this one should have the amount in red. …Now when they pay, return and click take payment.

Yes, what Russell said.

Why do we have to enter the amount? I didn’t think that was required before. It would be nice if there was a simpler way to do this, like check a box “force payment” instead of wading through the different steps.

If you use the new appointment manager the invoice amount is created automatically. Those that want to force payment without using the appointment manager can but there is a window that presents to the customer how much is owed which needs an amount typed in. One reason it is now required is to begin storing this data so later we can create stats for your company.

Not to say we can’t continue to streamline.