New to Inspecting in Florida

Hello all, are there any experienced inspectors in Florida that mentor?

I have reached out to several in hopes of a ride along, with no reply. I have read competition is a concern. I am willing to travel up to 2 hours. I am located in Palm Beach county. Joined June 2023 and completed all courses 10/2023 and will be scheduling the Fl. exam January 2024. New to Inspecting but not the industry. Thanks for taking the time.

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Welcome James! I was fortunate enough to connect with mentors via this forum. In particular, someone in the group invited me on several ride-alongs and was willing to show me the ropes if you will.

Hopefully someone will reach out to you, and it seems you have industry knowledge as well. It’s a bit slow, but there’s work out there. In the field is where the learning begins.

Instead of a ride-along where you’ll see the same 20 defects, go to the House of Horrors in Florida where you’ll get 150 years of defect recognition experience in one day:

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Thanks Wayne
After 6 months of studying I’m eager to get back out in the field.

Thanks Nick
Seems the way to go.

While the HOH may be defect plentiful, a mentor can share much more than just defect recognition. So, keep that in mind, too, James.


Hopefully, the HOH ll in Weston is keeping up with the current Florida Building Code requirements. We are seeing a widespread area of improper roof installations in our area right now.