New to Inspecting

Hey everyone! Brand new to inspecting and the forum. I’m just getting my education underway. So far finished the Safe Practices and Customer Service and Communication courses.

Quick question on answering questions on experience. When I’m asked by a client in the first couple of inspections how much experience I have, what’s the best way to answer? How did everyone handle this in their own experience?


First, welcome to our forum, Edward!..Enjoy! :smile:

If you have any type of construction background, you could say that “I’ve been looking at homes for 3 years or 5 years…etc.”

Also, once you are a member, you could add that “additionally, I am a member of the largest home inspection organization in the world and anything that I don’t know, I can ask on our forum and get you an answer pretty quickly.”

“I also do 25 or 30, or whatever you do, continuing education hours per year as a desire to keep learning, and that goes above what my InterNACHI Organization requires.”

I hope this helps.

Thanks for the response Larry! That helps a lot.

I don’t come from a construction background, but I have done some home repair and improvement at my own home beyond changing smoke detector batteries and light bulbs. (Changed light fixtures and switches, sink faucets, some plumbing, appliance repairs). I am kind of a training junkie though so I was already thinking that doing as much education as possible would be my main selling point starting out. Also liked your suggestion to refer to the forum. Hadn’t thought of that.

I will have done the mock inspections before I ever do a fee paid one. Would it be unethical to throw in “I have done a few inspections”, or something along those lines, without specifying that they weren’t “real”? I know I wouldn’t want to come right out and say “This is actually my first inspection!”

Thanks again for the good advice.



Lol! Thanks for that! So that’s how it works.

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I was looking for that one, but couldn’t find it! Good 'un!!

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Now we know that Robert Yeung worked at the video store but got fired for spending too much time in the adult section!

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