New to InterNachi

Hey everyone,

Greetings from Texas!

Excited to be a part of the premier home inspection community!

Look forward to learning and contributing!

Welcome, and good luck!

Welcome Cale, You joined a great organization.:mrgreen:

Howdy Cale,

Greetings and welcome, it’s a feisty bunch here but you can learn a lot and contribute in return!


Have your Armadillo skin handy and welcome :D:D

Welcome Cale, and as Kenneth Ramm says, have your Armadillo skin handy. Don’t take things personal, and you will learn tons of stuff, and gain a lot of good information.

Thanks, guys for the warm welcome! West Texas blowing dirt has blasted my skin to an almost armadillo-like complexion, so I hope I’m prepared!

Welcome, Cale, and best of luck to ya!

Hope your skin is a lot tougher than armadillo skin. Some of these guys would make that stuff look like wet toilet paper! :|.)


Welcome Cale. Good health & luck to you.