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Just wanted to say hello to everyone. I am new to Nachi but not new to home inspecting. I am very glad to have found Nachi as it is a wealth of good info and good people. I am starting a new business in Long Island NY and need all the advise I can get so I plan on reading and posting alot here. Look foward to speaking to you all!!

Manny Marinos

welcome to the jungle Manny…

Welcome aboard Manny and hope you will enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:

Welcome a great place to get much info .
If you want to talk ask a question or just inquire please send me you phone Number and a time for me to call. … See Info below

Have fun, and welcome. Try not to take everything personal as things get heated around here.

Thanks guys! I have so many questions I dont know where to start. Actually I do have one question that I am not sure if anyone can answer fully but maybe some guidance would be good. I am currently set up as a DBA but would like to know what your take is on incorporating and if so what type. My original thinking was if I carry e & o why do i need the protection of a corp?

Understatement of the year…:|.)

Better yet, just stick to the technically specific threads, almost everything else is pure entertainment, sarcasm, and ridicule, and a huge waste of time…

I currently use Sole Proprietor, but am going to change to S Corp or LLC

If your E and O only pays part of a claim, you and your assets are personally held responsible for the rest.

Get the book talked about in the link below and it will surely help even a seasoned guy like yourself. Nick talks about the benefits of corps in it with a bunch of other great info.

Or you can do what I did and become a S corp. **and **a Llc:D


I already have that book and so far it is great. I will read more of it shortly thanks.
I have another question regarding termite inspections. Do most of you guys do your own termite inspections of do you do what I have always done, bring along a licensed exterminator?


I perform my own and you have to find out what your state requirements are.

Here in Ohio you have to carry E&O insurance to perform WDO inspections and it’s very hard getting licensed to do radon inspections but there is absolutely no requirements to be a home inspector.

Every state is different on all of their requirements so find out what you need to be compliant.

Some states accept the tests that NACHI provides so you can look into that as well.

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Welcome to the fray!

Yeah I looked into it and there appears to be some discrepancy as to what the requirements are. Some seem to think you need to get an applicators license, some say you need to get licensed to do just the termite inspections and some say you dont need any special license. I spoke to NY state and they told me that as long as I am not applying chemicals I can do the inspections without any special license. So I guess I will do some more research. Just wondering what you guys do if you do a termite inspection and sometime down the line termites appear? Does that ever happen to you? I know the HUD form if filled out correctly covers you regarding what is visible and what is not but sometimes clients dont want to hear anything. I like to have happy clients. It was always nice to just call my guy who did the inspection and he would just go and treat the house quickly and then sell them a contract because they where happy that he helped them. But with all that said I was thinking it would be nice to make the extra money doing my own termite inspections.

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