New to the business sort of...

Hi everyone, my bachelors is in architecture but I quickly realized how life consuming the field of architecture is and when I decided to be a mommy I took a step back in my career to be a full time mom to my 3 girls, now 6.5, 4.5, and 2yrs. I started my Home inspection business last year and is now really picking up. I love creating my own hours and still being a big part of my children’s life. This career is so easy for me and I have my amazing husband that spent 15 years in the construction industry/water damage/ electrical, finish work/ handyman type stuff/ plumbing…pretty much he has experience with every system of a home. We are a great team.

Are there any other female inspectors out there?
Also, how do I find local meetings with other inspectors?

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We have a few female inspectors in Chicago, stop by a chapter meeting if you are ever in Chicago.