new to the field

Hi all,

I am thinking to start my new career and study as home inspection. I am just wondering how good is the market in Toronto. By the way, do the insurance companies need home inspectors as well for house insurance?

Is an infrared Thermometer needed? or regular Thermometer (with probe) will be fine?



Welcome Harrison,

the best advice I can give at this time is start reading. There is a lot of info here, right at your fingertips. When you take a credible course many answers will come to you. Toronto, like most cities has a lot of competition.

Call me** now** Roy Cooke cell 613-475-1144 or land line 705-999-1030

Harrison,before you decide to do any thing,take some courses and see if this a profession,that might appeal to you.
Best wishes ,in what ever you do.