New to the Forum game

I am confused on how to post on this forum and how this day works. I have an inspection today and wondered if there is a way to get notifications on my phone?

I’m confused as well. Its my first time to do this too. Good luck on your inspection.

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Ask discobot if he can help, message him using @discobot.

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

When a gift is offered, on a thread, and it says “to the first 3 that respond with name and address”, you will win if you are one of the first three…or, how many it says.

Good luck! :smile:


Thanks Rikki

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What I dont understand is if I am on the right page and how do I see the postings at a reasonable time, aka notices about postings

You just have to watch like everyone else…Good luck! :smile:

watch what?

the entire forum

Yes… :smiley:

I was replying to his question to watch the entire forum. Merry Christmas Larry

I am going to guess it is the page with the long listings and the pictures saying who responded to a post that you have to click on something every time it shows a new comment

You need to monitor for new topics on the Cozy Coats forum and be Johnny on the spot in responding with your contact info and mailing address.

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How do I ensure I am checked in and get my logo and if on each response

aka the blue box under a posting

Chuck Evans
33606 Deer Creek Way
Stagecoach, TX 77355
(936) 522-8633

Thank You

If you want to include info below your posts, put it in your signature under Preferences

Click on your face


Then click on your name


Click on preferences


Then click on Profile and enter your signature


So it seems I would need to sit and stare at my laptop for a long long time in hopes of winning something. I like the generosity of the event. But it’s probably not how I want to use my time. Good luck to those who do participate!

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