New to the industry! What’s Next?

Hello fellow inspectors. Tonight I just finished all of my InterNACHI credits, passed the exam and did one mock up report on my own home!

I am very excited to get my new career rolling! So what’s next?
I want more exposure and more knowledge. I am interested in meeting other inspectors and networking.

Anyways my name is Nick from Brighton Colorado!

Stay safe out there!

Hi, congrats and welcome! You can fill in your profile, by going to the control panel. It helps when you’re asking inspection questions that may be related to your neck of the woods only. :slight_smile:

How far away are you from this.
Welcome Nicholas! :slight_smile:

INachi House Of Horrors

Read, read, read.

When I was new, I would read as many threads on this forum as possible. Even threads that were 5 or ten years old. The answer to just about every questions you can have is posted somewhere on this board.

Thank you very much for the info guys!