New to the school

Hello my name on Ronald and I’m new to the school I’m here for my Home inspectors certification

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I’m new also. Doing the roofing section now, and just trying to retain the terminology. I’m watching YouTube videos to imprint those terms, got a little frustrated the other day after breezing through some of the courses and I took a day off lol.

Where are you from? I’m in Sacramento

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Welcome to the forum, Ronald. Enjoy!! Feel free to ask questions any time, Have fun and good luck.

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Welcome to the forum. I wish I found this as soon as you guys did. This is a great place to get information. Just reading the posts of the experts is a wealth or knowledge.

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Welcome to the forum, Colin. Enjoy!! :+1:

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What is a good place to start diving head first into terminology on a section with little experience, so reading through the course is more understandable?

Although I do recommend that you utilize the Search feature first, as the questions you are likely to have were probably answered a thousand times already, and you will get a faster positive response!

Good luck!


The Forum archives. Read as many “old” posts as you can find. Weed through the ones you think are BS with an open mind, as they oftentimes contain the BEST information from some of the most ornery inspectors you ever expect to run across!