New to the trade how much should i charge

how much should i charge per inspection? some guys in my are charge anywhere between $250- $425
I work as a nys corrections officer as of right now making about 70k a year. I hate my job and i would like to do this full time but i need to make around the same salary or more.

It will take some time to make that. You, typically, won’t make that out of the gate.

Call, or have your wife call, around with the exact same house description and land in the upper middle to start with.

But the most important thing is to get your name out there.

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Or, contact Ian at fullviewdigital. He will set you up like no one else and get you off to a good start"

Ian M. Robertson, CMI


Exactly as Larry said above.

Work on getting your name out there. Get cards. brochures, a professional shirt or coat with your name for all to see. Letter your work vehicle if you can.
See realtors, attorneys and lenders.
A professional website and SEO is critical.

Shop your competitors and check out the market. The more expensive people have probably earned it with certifications, education and credentials beyond just the basics.
Not that you haven’t but take stock of where you are and where you would like to be.
Don’t be the cheapest inspector as that is a spiral to the bottom.


It’s all good and well what Larry and Scott said above, but that isn’t gonna help you when your first client calls and their first question is… “What do you charge for a home inspection?”

Have you ever owned or operated a business before? Do you understand what goes into setting a price or fee for something? Do you think the NYS Corrections Dept. just pulled a number out of their asses as to what to pay you?

I am willing to bet that 80%+ of all inspectors are not priced correctly, which explains why a high percentage of new inspectors FAIL within their first 1-3 years in business (not including spending/wasting needed seed money on gimmicks to con/bribe potential clients with).

IMO… take a Business 101/102 course at your local Community College and do it right!!

Good luck!


Jonas is right - problem is they don’t charge the right amount because no one is going to pay them what I make on an inspection after 9 years in the business. The only way to get some one to hire the new guy is usually by selling services on the cheap. BTW if you need to replace your $70,000 per year salary you need to bring in a lot more than that to cover your taxes, health insurance, vehicle costs, tools, training marketing - to net that $70,000 you likely need to bring in $140,000 per year in sales. At $300 per inspection that’s about 466 inspections a year or around 9 per week. I wouldn’t quit your job just yet - not sure you have thought this out - your making pretty good money right now.


Pretty sure he meant gross, not net $70k.


That speaks to the jist of my other comment above.
Rarely does an inspector, (in particular a newbie), truely know what his/her actual business expenses are. How can someone possibly price a service without knowing what their true costs are, let alone without calculating in a profit!! Not charging enough to cover expenses and turn a profit is what causes most to fail and go out of business… without them even understanding WHY!!
So with that being said… now that you know your competitor is likely not pricing to succeed… why the hell would you copy their fee structure?


Best advice to someone starting out.


Yes I know how to run a business I have had a electrical company for 3 years .

I have ran my Electrical company for about 3 years profit about 35k this year

How did you bid on the jobs?

Thank you for your service

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yeah im not quitting until i know its going to work the only good thing i have going is that i know a ton of agents

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You’ll be surprised if they don’t use you :slight_smile: Knowing them is one thing… when it comes to their commission $$$ things change 180 degrees!


You need to realize unless you hit the ground running with an existing book of business, then you “start in the mail room, before getting the corner office with a window”, more or less.


yeah at the prison i work 2 16hr shifts and get 4 days off

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Do you charge “between $350 and $400” whether the house is 1750 Sq. Ft. or 5200 Sq. Ft.?

If you “do discounts for every one for the most part” then why not lower your price to what the discounted price is so you can be “100% transparent” instead of bumping your price up to something you don’t plan to obtain and instead lower it to the low fee you actually want?

not yet still in school we use house facts but i think im going to change

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Cool, which school and what area will you be working?

CATS OF ALBANY in NY and i will be workinging in the upstate NY area and VT