New Tools for Sale

Anyone interested in buying my home inspection tools? Everything is either new or like new (meaning used once). Home inspection is not for me.:frowning: I’m in Dallas TX

What do you have? And how much are you looking to get for these tools?

Make a list of what you have, for all to view.

List please …

What happened?

I have one -

[FONT=Times New Roman]OTC Telescoping Mirror & Magnet Tool Kit 6-1/2” to 25”

New Meade Captureview 8x42 digi-cam binoculars

New bucket boss hopalong gatemouth tool bag 06053

Circuit Siren Electrical, electric tester kit

Raytek Mini Temp MT6 Laser Infrared Gun – New

Watts Water Pressure Test Gauge (New)

Combustible Gas Leak Dectector Home Inspection TIF 8900

Interior & Exteriror Home Inspection DVD from A to Z

Quickbooks 2006 Credit card processing kit – Used

I also have a $100 rechargeable flashlight but I can’t remember where I bought it. When I get home I’ll see if I have the receipt.

WATCH OUT! The links on those tools took me right to my Paypal account asking for a sign in. Might be a scam.

I didn’t know what to do and I couldn’t take this guy’s money when I felt like I didn’t earn it. I’m going into residential window washing.

Don’t click on the links. I copied those from my paypal account. I just copied the names from my paypal account so you would know what the tools were called. I’m at work now but I can take pictures of the tools when I get home.

Call me when you get home. I’m in Garland

Ice, What happened on your first inspection? I wouldn’t give up that easy or that quick. You will always run into some “jerks” in any type of job.

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