New TREC Inspector Commitee member

Lee Warren has been appointed to the TREC inspector committee by the 9 TREC Commissioners (6 brokers). Inspector since 2005. Broker 2007. Active at local association of Realtors inspector committee.

Web site

I have never seen his report but he places emphasis a thorough inspection in his advertising. He also explains on his web site:

“Aside from being an inspector, I am also a licensed real estate agent. As a result, I am familiar with how many Realtors have had their buyer scared off by an inspector. That is not my job. My job is to inform them of exactly what they are buying and be realistic about the issues that each house faces. While some clients have a good knowledge base about homes, many do not. Recognizing the ones that don’t and wording things accordingly is key in making sure they understand what it all means instead of bringing up a big red flag.”


“Buyers should rely on their real estate agent to help them determine what should be the best course of action once they get the details of the report. There may be some items that the buyer may request that the seller repair prior to the purchase of the property. Then again, there may be issues that a buyer would be willing to address after the purchase of the home. This is the point that the buyer should rely heavily on their agent to determine what will be the best course of action. The real estate agent also works in the best interest of the buyer. They have the knowledge and expertise in the negotiating process that will help be most beneficial for the buyer.”

In one sense it is realistic that home inspection can offer too much information. Some TREC requirements cloud the bottom line. In another sense it could be pandering to agents. In a latter sense it could be brilliant marketing . . that is playing on some agents dislike for inspectors. The bottom line is how he has served the client and to date I have heard not a complaint.

I look forward to Mr. Warren’s contributions in helping to make sense of the very complicated TREC Rules. The objective is serving the clients needs while retaining the right to negotiate the desired services and fees according to accepted commerce practices.

Mr. Warren is not the first broker to be on the inspector committee. There have been others and they did a great job. Alas, an inspector has never been a TREC Commissioner.

It will be interesting to see “reasonable judgement” introduced into the Rule making process. Best success Mr. Warren.

I too wish Mr. Warren well in his new position. I am however concerned that the last two appointees to the IAC have strong RE Broker/Agent ties.

From the November TREC newsletter:

If my research is correct he is retired Police Sergent. His internet presence is conservative; almost libertarian.

The old IAC were rule makers extreme. Proclaimed conservatives with a liberal rules making agenda. Maybe this new group will see reason to reduce the rules. The IAC is without a doubt flooded with Realtor representation now. It will be interesting to see them take 100% of the responsibility for their actions.

Good luck to them.