New twist on Aluminium wiring

During my inspection today, I had the unfortunate duty of informing everyone about single strand AL circuits and Citizens recent stand on this type of wiring. The agent involved ( a really good honest one) did a little research and found the following e-mails:

I spoke with the supervisor below and he said according to article 334 of the NEC romex does not have to be stapled to the beams to be to code. It has to be as below. I also spoke with Kelli XXXXX in my office who had an allumimun wire situation. She used Mr. Towns at Allstate 632-3305 to write policy. He got an electrician to go to the property to certify that the wiring was safe and apparently was then able to write thru Citizens. He can provide the electrician he used which was KIRBY ELECTRIC.

(another forward in the attachment)

December 6, 2010

NOTICE TO ALL MEMBERS – County update on Aluminum Wiring and Permits

 The Electrical Code Committee met on Wednesday December 1, 2010 and the topic of discussion was aluminum wiring. After the discussion we came up with a starting place for you to look at. We also brought this up at the Building Officials Association of Brevard County on Thursday December 2, 2010. We will try to be consistent throughout the county. Being the work of replacing the Aluminum wire comes under the existing building code, we will not require any new outlets meeting today’s code to be installed except for all new hardwired smoke/carbon monoxide detectors which are required by the Florida Building code anytime any renovation is being done. All new receptacles shall be of the tamper resistant type, any receptacles installed in the kitchen, bathroom, and garage or outside shall be GFCI protected, and all new breakers shall be AFCI type if required by the 2008 National Electrical Code. All boxes shall be of the proper size for the number of conductors being installed. The old aluminum wire can be cut off at the top of the walls, so you do not need to destroy the walls trying to get it out. We will try to come up with some sort of county wide policy to deal with this upcoming issue. You might want to check with any local municipality prior to doing anything first. If I can be of anymore help please let me know.

Terry W. Talbert
Building Inspection Supervisor
2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way
Viera, Fl 32940
321-633-2072 Ex. 52678
Fax 321-637-5466

"(and also)Many thanks to Evelyn Brown for providing the following update from Brevard County.

Many of the older homes in our community have aluminum wiring and evidently most insurance companies WILL NOT insure a home with aluminum wiring. This is becoming a major issue in closing on transactions of these older properties. At this point we don’t have any solutions to recommend but if you have one of these older homes listed for sale or under contract this is an issue that you will need to counsel your buyers or sellers about.

This information is brought to you by your Government Affairs arm of the Space Coast Association of REALTORS. "

So does anyone else know what the deal is?
I have been telling people with AL wiring that it has to be replaced…
I think I’ll call that Allstate insurance guy tomorrow and see if I can get some facts.


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