New type of flower box

Just had to share this.

I pulled up to the house and just laughed to myself. The gutters were like this all the way around the house.

Good one Thanks … Bill

Nice… In high school we used to plant soy beans in gutters :mrgreen: they would end up looking just like that:p


That sounds like redneck hillbilly fun, Dave!

Not as much fun as an M-80 in the high school bathroom, but fun.:|.)

Ohhhh, been there done that!:stuck_out_tongue:

Matches your logo! Go green never clean your gutters again with Gutter CHIA

For us the best Gutter cleaner is a leaf blower works great .
A leaf blower also cleans the snow off our car and our deck, great in the winter.

I thought of Chia pets myself when I first saw it.

any water in the basement?

Standing water, about 3/4 of an inch throughout the crawl space.