new upgrade to inspection car

I did my first trial run today with this new retrofit, got 55 mpg roundtrip to my inspection today.

see my website for a link to get this for cheap, I have a connection in germany for these.

Wow, Does this come with the invisibility cloak too?

I just use a harpoon gun and chain. The driver in front of me hears a slight ‘thud’ but just assumes he ran over a cat.

I use a rope with a plunger on the end,

Bruce put me down for two Buddy, is payment by food stamps acceptable??? :mrgreen:

I find it helps to only drive down hill.:wink:

If you put over-sized tires on the rear, you’re always driving down hill. You get great gas mileage with over-sized rear tires. :slight_smile:

Thanks Joe ! That is a GREAT tip ! It is for help like this that the $289. membership fee is repaid many times over. ( Do you think that if I way over inflate the rear tires changing them from 15 inch to, say 25 inch would do the trick?)

April fools?