New Version of EZ Realtor Database

hi guys,

I have been working quite a bit on my realtor mailing list program.
I have made a bunch of updates, so I put it up on my web if any of you want it.
If you are already using the original version and have a lot of data you don’t want to lose…
let me know, and you can send me over your old database and I will convert it for you so your old data is in tact.
the reason the old data won’t come over automatically is because I changed the RealtorName field (one field) into two fields, RealtorFirstName and RealtorLastName.
this is actually the way a database of names should be stored., instead of in just one field.

There are quite a few more features like in the Realtor Information Screen, it now shows the total number
of records at the bottom of the screen.
At the top of the screen it shows the number of Brochures not sent, the number of Brochures sent, and how many inspections you have gotten from realtors.

you can download it for free at:

kevin rea
Antelope Valley Home Inspectors, LLC.

Wow. how nice of you to share such a great rescource. Thanks! I was working on something on my own…but this looks great.
I appreciate you sharing your work with other NACHI members!

Nice program.

Thanks Kevin

Kevin you are a very nice man