New Video Ad for IM Home Inspections

New Video ad for IM Home Inspections

Shot and edited, with music produced by me. :smiley:

Serving the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles area from Woodland Hills, CA.

Back the volume of the music down to about half or less.


Good job Ian. What software did you use for the editing?

Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you Nick!

Thank you Frank.

I used Adobe Premier Elements for the video.

I used Protools 10 for the music and voice over.

One of the better ones.

Oh wow! Coming from you, that’s quite a compliment. :slight_smile:

Thank you Bob!

Has a good pace,concise,different,music matches and not the usual monotone and stiff face inspector footage.
Enough to keep viewer interested.
Started one last month and need to find time to finish it.

Here is a teaser shot…lol


What I liked the most Ian was the beginning where I could here your voice. I can really get a feel for someone if I can hear their voice. You sound very punctilious, a good quality for a home inspector to have.

Wow, thank you Nick.

I really didn’t like hearing my own voice on the video, and I was thinking, gee, can I hire Ben to do the voice over? LOL.

So this is incredible to hear!

And Bob, I want to see the SuperHero Inspector video! Great idea!

I started the footage then had some kind of heart attack …go figure.
Was going to submit as a NACHI video but not sure if Nick is still doing the offer.

Voice over is great …we all hate our own voice.