New way to get a search engine spider

I came across this website this morning. It is another way for you to list your company and link with others.

And the best thing about this? ***“IT’S FREE” ***

Just got this from Zoominfo.

Mark H Roe,

Welcome to ZoomInfo! Your account has been activated, and your Web Summary will be posted publicly within 24 hours. You are now able to take full advantage of ZoomInfo’s benefits:

  • Present the complete professional picture - All your professional details will be presented in a succinct summary
  • Manage your career - Put your best foot forward and ensure the right people find you
  • Increase positive visibility - ZoomInfo will automatically publish your summary to the Web and as a result, people can find your summary when they search using the major search engines
    *]Expand your network- ZoomInfo is easy to use for both finding people and adding them to your network
    The permanent link to your Web Summary is listed below. Use this link in your emails, blogs or anywhere else you would like people to see your background.

Thanks Mark!

Both of the above links go to

I think Nick has a secret tuck up his sleeve.:shock: I found this problem and tried 3 times to correct it, but every time I clicked on the links, they came up to NACHI.:mrgreen: I will try this again.

I know there are a lot of SEO companies out there right now… I just want to acknowledge the success I have had with

i was shelling out for pay per click and then went with this company for a year, thus getting rid of pay per click… in a couple months I have moved up the rankings on most all the search engines… including google… which has me 9th for “maine home inspector” search… not too shabby…

they can be expensive but offer discounts for paying up front… worth a look.

I hear ya on the pay per click. I had the luck to over hear some nameless org inspectors talking how they were making it a habit of clicking on the links 4-5 time a day just to run up the bill on that inspector. I am not really sure if that worked, but if it did? It sure cost that inspector alot of money and no inspections. I try my best to find any and all means to get free listings for the NACHI inspectors out there to use. Any time you can get your URL out there on other sites so the web spider can crawl it sure helps out. I hope that people will take a moment to join and add NACHI members to their list and visa-versa. You really also think about starting a HI blog. I see from my stat counter that My blog is visited and crawled on a regular bases. :slight_smile: