New Wealth Boom?

Your thoughts?

Nick, has a new boom started?

Happy Days, again. :cool:

Every company I’m associated with is making money hand over fist. If you can’t make money in this economy, you’re doing something wrong. My septic company can’t take any more system orders… we’re booked through 2014. ForestMaster is close to being equally booked and we sold nearly all of the wood from last year already.

It looks like there may be more good ahead of us and the most of the bad has past.

I like 8-9% unemployment though.

OK… I’ll bite… why is that good?

I had a record Jan. I can already feel a good year.

And you voted for Palin/McCain. :stuck_out_tongue:

lolololol so true

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Yes… and I am so glad our economic system cannot be changed overnight by one clown in the white house.

Because I employ a lot of people in a lot of industries and I need more.

8-9% unemployment is only bad for the 8-9% unemployed. It’s good for employers because you have a chance of finding employees. 0% unemployment is horrible because that means there is no one unemployed to hire when you need employees. Like I said, I prefer 8-9% unemployment.

You get better and cheaper employees when unemployment is higher. You have to replace them less Lap. Training crew is expensive.

You fellas seem to think congress can kick the can for ever.

It isn’t going to happen. The math always wins.

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If you keep your head in the dirt you won’t see it coming.

No fretting here.

Just doing the math thing.

I agree We all should be like MR Doom ( Larson) and Side Kick Bumper Sticker Man ( John) and Ignore what is happening. Will it be like 10 years ago nope. Will it take time YEP . But then it again it would be better to live a grey gloomy world .:wink:
Now i be waiting for some more gleeful Wit from my 2 hero’s.

Here it is.

Prepare now, you’ll thank me later.

That silly can gets heavier with every kick. Think about that.

Ok, guys. I have friends in the corporate world. I worked in it for years. My wife and kids work in it. Here is how it is.

Corporations are making money. The stock market getting higher proves it. However, they are not spending it. They are holding on to it because they do not know what the future holds. IE, obama care, social security, taxes, etc. They must protect themselves, and they do it my “hoarding” their revenue; some of which is being held in other countries. Management is keeping status quo, and not hiring people or expanding their businesses. They must protect their core.

All whom I have talked to say when the next republican president gets into office, the people will see the largest expansion in the history of the U.S.

Until then, it is status quo.