New web site dedicated to marketing for small businesses

Anyone seriously interested in marketing, particularly if you are a small business, can join us over here:

Marketing for small businesses

It is a moderated web site, and you must register to do anything other than read the titles of the threads. I do have to approve new users. All questions and ideas are welcome.

Remember, it’s a serious site dedicated to marketing, specifically for small businesses, and it’s moderated, so bad sportsmanship will not be allowed. If you would like to contribute, or you would like to learn about marketing, particularly as it applies to small businesses that don’t have the marketing budget of Wal-Mart, join us. And remember, not all who apply will be accepted.

I also want to thank John Bowman for inadvertently pointing me in the right direction to get it started. Thanks, John. As you did in August 2004, you have again come to my rescue.

Registered users will receive the PDF version of my SOLUTIONS Internet-based, educatonal, interactive report system free, or they can order the editable SOLUTIONS version (over $1100 worth of files at $99) for a discounted price of $49. Additionally, you can list your business at About Homes ($199 annually) for a discounted price of $99.

If you register and don’t get a confirmation that your user status has been activated, check here.