New Web Site of the Year Award 2007

New Web Site of the Year Award 2007
In the past month, in helping relieving some of Nick Gromicko’s endless tasks as he has such promoted, the Awards Committee has since acquired the task and added one more category to the Awards Nomination.

That is the Web Site of the Year Award

Since the list of Websites currently had already been submitted this Year and compiled here, one winner will be chosen out of that list at the end of this Year and Awarded at the same time as all the other Awards.

This is the list of the weekly websites that were submitted for this Year and one of these will be chosen for 2007.


Week 2, December 2007:

Week 1, December 2007:

Week 4, November 2007:

Week 3, November 2007:

Week 2, November 2007:

Week 1, November 2007:

Week 4, October 2007:

Week 3, October 2007:

Week 2, October 2007:

Week 1, October 2007:

Week 4, September 2007:

Week 3, September 2007:

Week 2, September 2007:

Week 1, September 2007:

Week 4, August 2007:

Week 3, August 2007:

Week 2, August 2007:

Week 1, August 2007:

Week 4, July 2007:

Week 3, July 2007:

Week 2, July 2007:

Week 1, July 2007:

Week 4, June 2007:

Week 3, June 2007:

Week 2, June 2007:

Week 1, June 2007:

Week 4, May 2007:

Week 3, May 2007:

Week 2, May 2007:

Week 1, May 2007:

Week 4, April 2007:

Week 3, April 2007:

Week 2, April 2007:

Week 1, April 2007:

Week 4, March 2007:

Week 3, March 2007:

Week 2, March 2007:

Week 1, March 2007:

Week 4, February 2007:

Week 3, February 2007:

Week 2, February 2007:

Week 1, February 2007:

Week 4, January 2007:

Week 3, January 2007:

Week 2, January 2007:

Week 1, January 2007:

[size=2]Thank you [/size]

[size=2]Marcel :smile:

Marcel and others,

Thanks for all you do. Hate to add to the work load but I would sure like to see a “professional division” and an “inspector only division”.

Some have the money to hire out to a web designer and do very little except pick up the phone to have the changes made.

There are others that put together and maintain their own websites.

While it is nice to see recognition for a website, are we congratulating the web design company or the inspection company?

Just an idea. Any thoughts?

Yes too much work for those who look after it .
Many many hours are spent on the awards and Adding more work could cause the system to colapse

… Cookie

Join the committee. :slight_smile:

That’s a good suggestion Brian but you have to admit that Stephen has a good point!!

Good points, Stephen and realizing just that we have kept that in mind when chosing a Web Site.

Website of the Year Award

The website of the Year Award was created to publicly recognize NACHI Members Websites in an effort to reward those sites that go above the essentials in creating their pages and Marketing skills.

Websites Nominated for an Award will be chosen once a Month and the winner for that Month will be awarded a Website Certificate Award for that Month and the rights to use the Website of the Year Logo on their web page.

The Website of the Year will be chosen from the respectful Monthly Winners.

This Award will include the Certificate of Accomplishment, Logo, and a Life-Time Membership to the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

Website designs will be chosen based on these simple criteria’s:

Overall Appearance
Site Navigability
Quality of Content
Site Management and Communications
Logo Supportiveness in promotional efforts for the NACHI Association

All members of the NACHI Organization are eligible.

It is the thought of this committee to be as fair as possible.

Always open to entertain new opinions and welcome your comments.

Thank you

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Not to be picky…but are the web sites that won awards for Nov & Dec 2007 actually for 2006 or is my calendar not working again, might explain some things;)

Good question Patrick, and I will do my best to explain.

Nick used to take care of the weekly websites and the list that I presented already existed.

The Awards Committee has just recently taken over the Web Site Awards and made it a category with the other Awards.

Where as before, there were no Awards issued, now there will be.
The Awards Committee decided to help Nick out and design a criteria and present certificates to monthly winners and one winner at the end of the Year chosen from a list of 12 associate winners.

Since to much of the Year has elapsed, it would not be prudent to start monthly winners, so the Committee and myself decided to chose a yearly winner from the list of submissions that already existed.

This winner will be chosen at the end of the year in conjunction with the other Awards. Dec. 10th deadline.

Next year, we will accept nominations monthly and get back on track with the new system.

The difference is the fact that the Members of this Association are the ones choosing and making the monthly Nominations as outlined in the Nominations page.

Hope I did not confuse you more and feel free to ask any other questions you may have on this subject.

Thank you

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks, Marcel,

Perfectly understandable - Good luck with the committee and the awards…

Web design companies are professionals who design website from your ideas and your vision using your wording and your logo to make it reality.

Me say that you are congratulating the website!