New Web Site Problems

  1. Can NOT figure out how to get my signature lines to each be on their own separate line versus being a big jumble like shown below

Dan Bowers, CMI, ACI
Licensed Contractor / Builder Certified IAQ2 Mold Inspector Licensed HVAC Service Technician EDI Certified Stucco / EIFS Inspector Certified Commercial Building Inspector iNACHI – US Member of the Year 2010 ITC / FLIR - Level I Infrared Thermographer FHA - 203k Inspector / Compliance Inspector ICC Code Inspector (Plmbg, Elec, Mech, Bldg)

  1. Pictures seem gone almost everywhere … For Example / When I go to the Kansas / Missouri threads … I don’t see the pics we put in there from our past chapter seminars, etc …

Whats going on??

The signature feature isn’t functioning properly yet, but until it does, download the text file below.

DanSignature.txt (618 Bytes)

Open the file (it’s a text file - it’s safe) and copy the text and past it in the “My Signature” box (delete the existing text first). Then scroll down and save.

Thanks, Stephen.

Where do you go to paste the stuff into??

Go to your Preferences


Then click on Profile on the left


Scroll a bit and delete the current text and paste the new text (from the file I provided) in the “My Signature” box.

Then, Scroll down and “Save”



Hope this works

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Well, Look like it worked very well. Stephen to the Rescue!

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Yep … Once you know where to go and which button to push, it certainly does.

NOW … still wondering where previous pics with posts went

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Nice job, Stephen! :grin::smiley::+1::thinking::upside_down_face: