New Website- In Progress

Hey Guys- Check out the look of my GURU website

Once again nice work Paul.:smiley:

Don’t you ever sit still???

Very nice Paul.
Well done.

Thanks Guys…I will SLEEP when it aint so freakin COLD…I got my GUYS working today…but not me…I am a SLACKER !

Looks great Paul.

I did notice a small typo you might want to correct. In the quote below, you have “your” where it should say “you.”

“BUT the title fits my ability to gather information for your quickly and break the terminologies and methods down…”



Your site looks great so far!! I look forward to what you will have in the future. Congrats! And good work.


As Pope Julius II said to Michelangelo when he had completed the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, “Thatsa nice!”

Thanks GUys…Mike…Mucho Gracias…ahh…Thank YOU…fixed the typo

Hey…someone come and check out my chat room…:slight_smile:

I like this page the best


Good work!! I wish I had your energy!!

Nice work.

Good stuff Paul, looks great.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Yeah…I like that page also…:twisted: