New Website Redesign for SpecWorx Home Inspection Services

We’ve attached before and after photos for you to see the transformation.

Is the before a HIP template?

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Yes, it used to be a HIP template. We gave it a fresh, modern look with more freedom and customization. Still easy for the inspector to maintain. We implemented quite a few features to convert more visitors to callers.

Yes Frank, that’s an extremely old HIP template (about 5-6 years). We’ve had much newer templates for a long time the inspector just chose not to switch to one of them it looks like.

I like the before.

The after does not even have a contact number or photo.
At least the HIP site allows them to reach the guy…lol

Everyone wants a short mobile version I guess .yesh.

Paige, when did InterNACHI start hosting websites again? You guys sold off the old system to a company that destroyed it. I didn’t realize you guys got back in. Do you have a site listing prices and features somewhere?

I think they ( are doing OK with it. They are just lower-end sites. Paige makes high-end sites.


The new looks like it’s a Word Press template (?).

Yes WP


I recently just converted my site to a WP template, but I’m not happy about some of the pre-sets that I can’t (easily) change in the template I’m using.

Nice template, but I personally wouldn’t use parallax scrolling unless it had a purpose. The issue is that you have about 30-seconds to convince people to do business with you when they land on your homepage. I find that parallax scrolling eats up about 45-seconds because people end up playing around with the scrolling and animation.

Otherwise, you did a good job, Paige.

Nice website :cool:

Maybe it got sold again. I was told by quite a few guys that they weren’t responding to emails for weeks.

Paige’s sites do look nice (they just need a lot of SEO/Content work). Are these sites hosted by InterNACHI though or a separate company? I see that Paige works for InterNACHI so I assumed that they’re InterNACHI sites. Is that incorrect?

Dom, you’ve probably already seen this:

Not according to this:

I assumed she was a NACHI employee.

She’s a sub-contractor and an industry vendor. SEO expert.

Why am I not a sub-contactor? I bathe.

Thanks for clarification .
It is under her name as well .