New Website

Hey everybody I just had a new website designed by Ian with full view digital and I think it looks great. What do you think? Let me know.

Also if you havent please follow me on google+!!!

Looks nice.

You need more reasons to hire you at the top of your homepage and less ego (your company name).

Your live link email address on your contact page has a 404 error.

The site loads slow. The blue on black is very hard to read, at least for me, can barely make out your phone number, email, etc.

The top/header is too large IMO.

Thanks Nick, all fixed

Just ran a speed test and it was 0.90 to 1.01 seconds. Anything under 2.0 is considered good.

Thanks. I changed those colors a bit to improve the readability. Can you tell I have OCD :slight_smile:

Same here. The black turns to white as I scroll down.

On my cell even with desktop request it seems like a desert. Too much space.

White text on white background is never good. You loose all the links. Gotta change the link colors or the photo.

I think there a lot of wasted space and makes it too hard for the potential client to find what they need.
And if they can’t find that they’re on to a competitors site.
Phone, email, text up front and center.

Did you consider having a photo of yourself in order to personalize your site and service?
Remember that clients hire us without meeting us first.
I put my mug on the home page to hopefully give them a sense of whom they’ll be meeting.

I also find the verbiage somewhat awkward in areas.

Good job,I really like the consultation option!

The blue on black is extremely hard to read. So is the gray on black. Definitely change those colors.

OMT inspections & then MAC highlighted and boxed in under it like it is explaining what the OMT stands for seems odd or I am odd. im not sure which. Lol

I think the phone number should be as large as the name of the company or close. Many people google just to get a phone number.

it looks great though

Colors were hard for me to read.

I think maybe a buddy of mine had the same company just do his new site. His colors were easier to read for me.

PS … Taylor. We heard one of the old time inspectors in Wicheeta dropped out (KP). Know if thats true.

You need a Logo, use the Nachi design services. A good logo it’s a must.

Dan I have not heard but if it is true then a lot of my market opened up for this year!