New Website

Just launched my new “The Home Green Team” website. I still need to add some images, but what do you think?


Nice, I like it! “Green” is the in thing.

It looks good Kevin!

Looks great Kevin.

Hey Kevin, site looks good but I would check on the usage of the BPI logo. I believe it can only be used as part of your qualifications and not as a company in general.

Hey Peter,

Thanks for the feedback. I am a Certified Building Performance Analyst through BPI, so I have all rights to use the “Certified Professional” logo.

I think what you are referring to is the BPI Accreditation logo. A Home Performance Company has to apply for accreditation through BPI in order to use that logo and be able to advertise that the company is accredited.

Typically, a newly certified professional would be in the career field a minimum of 24 months before applying for accreditation.


Love the background.
Wish I knew how to add that effect.

Hi Kevin, I too am a certified building analyst with BPI and was told that the logo can only be used in association with me and not the company in general. This way the public does no get confused that BPI certifies a company, only individuals.

My thought was they want to avoid multi inspector firms or contractors using it generically. I could be wrong and will have to look into it further. Would be good to get a clear understanding on it’s use.

Bob, use body css tag or just use the html body tag and add a background:

background-image: url(images/THGT_web_backround.jpg)


The brand combinations in this set have been developed exclusively for use **only **by individuals
who have valid BPI Certification and **shall only **be used on items such as a personal business card,
uniforms, or on other personalized items where it does not directly imply that the organization that
the individual is employed by is certified or in any other way credentialed by BPI.
When the brand is used on any material containing the employer’s business name, the brand
should only be placed next to the name of the credential holder. Upon expiration or termination of
the credential the individual shall immediately cease representing themselves as “BPI Certified.”

Hi Kevin, I’ve been researching the logo use and found this. I do believe they want the certification separate from the company.

What do you think? I’m building a new web site and need to clear this up too.

Seeing as I am the only “Certified” BPI Contractor for my company and the logo is clearly displayed on my “Qualifications” page, I have no issues unless BPI tells me it’s not in compliance.

If thats the case, they will have to correct hundreds of websites on the internet. Just do a Google Image search on BPI Certified Professional Logo.

Good luck with you website, Peter.

All the best…



Site looks Great! I would hire you based on your professional website.

How much of the design did you do vs. the webdesign company?

Do you have 3 different companies? or 1 company with DBA’s?


Fantastic job. Nice, clean and very coordinated layout throughout all web pages.

Great job and good luck with the SEO…

I have done a lot of my own design on several of my previous websites, but this time I did not do anything. The web designer did it all.

I have two companies:

Richardson Home Inspections, LLC
Richardson Building Diagnostics, LLC (joint venture with my brother)

The Home Green team is just a division of Richardson Home Inspections.


Nice looking site . But take a look at your keyword density. Whatebver your heywods are they aren’t in the trinity (Title, Description, Keywords.) . And there doesn’t appear to be any clear density pattern that would tell the spiders what your keywords are.

You should be able to download the density report off my website from this link

Scroll it down to the 2 and 3 word combinations and you’ll see what I mean


Thanks for the heads up!!

I’m in the process of adding the description and keywords for each page. However, you got me on the density. I have no idea about that.


Kevin, several area’s of your site give the consumer the impression that your a multi inspector firm. Words like TEAM and OUR INSPECTORS mislead the public into believing that your company is BPI certified and that is exactly what BPI wants to avoid.

I’m not trying to bust your chops but if everyone took liberties with the BPI logo and it’s significance then it would be worthless.


There is no such thing as a BPI Certified Company. Certification is for the individual, I agree. However, BPI ultimately would like each BPI Certified Contractor to apply for Accreditation for their Company.

Putting a logo that I have tested for and earned on my website qualifications pages is not “taking liberties.” You will not find the BPI Accreditation logo on my site anywhere, until I earn it.

Thanks for the feedback and good luck with your new site.


You totally missed my point, re-read my post about misleading the public.
Are you a multi inspector firm or not?