New Wind and Hail Damage Inspections online video course. Watch the preview!

Wind and Hail Damage Inspections online video course.

I tried to watch it and the NACHI music did nothing for me No way is this any good for me Thanks but no thanks … Roy
I liked what I saw

They run the music behind the preview so that no one misinterprets the preview for the actual 2.3 hour video course.

Thanks for the explanation will try again Sorry… Roy

Personally, I agree with you. I’m getting old and can’t hear too well. I don’t need music to keep my attention.

I don’t think any of the music is distracting.
You can clearly hear the instructor in the 3-min. preview video and main course video.

It is truly the best available online video training, with an expert trainer, and it’s free.

It is distracting, and I like loud music. When Brian begins to introduce himself the music should stop.

And what did you think of the course itself?

I took the course and learned a lot. It’s very good, and the final is challenging. Will these 4 CE go on our transcript? This class is not listed there.

I don’t find the music distracting at all; it’s a preview and won’t be mistaken for the full video. Plus, the music is also your branding and very catchy. The NACHI TV home inspection videos are very professional, fun to watch, and extremely helpful.

I really like the music; my wife hears it and knows I’m doing something more productive than reading posts from the “House Husbands of InterNACHI” on the message board…just a joke and reference to some of the nonsensical but entertaining chatter from the few (but persistent) bellyachers out there.

Thanks Ben & Co for another valuable home inspection video…I’ll give it a view today.

Sometimes automatic things are not so automatic.

You can manually add credits to your ed log.


Does anyone know how to manually add credits to your log? The only thing I can find is if you earned credits before you became a member…