New Wind and Hail Damage Inspections online video course. Watch the preview!

Wind and Hail Damage Inspections. New online video course. Watch the preview.

Hi Nick, If you are on Facebook, you are welcome to post this on our page. Just search for HailWatch and like our group. I did not want to do it without your permission. I think this could help our members.

Thanks, Bill

All yours. Thanks.

Excellant course, thanks.

I only scored an 83% on test.

Does Ben, Kenton or yourself know were I can purchase the gauges he used?

Here’s a link to a number of answers to that question. The only one I know for sure is Haag Engineering.

:)The classes are great with so much information.Knowledge is Power.

Are these iPad compatable? I’m setup to do everything from my iPad…

The videos aren’t encoded to playback on my iPhone, so I will assume it won’t work on the iPad

The Haag guage was kind of recalled back in 2008. I never followed up to see if they repaired the error. I used the old gauge in insurance adjusting and when I was told by a major insurance company I worked for to stop using it. I thought “well that was reliable”.

The only reason I can think of for knowing the type of roof is if your doing insurance adjusting or law suits. I would not bet the farm on the Haag gauge unless they guaranteed it. Maybe a new model is out. Let them post it here.

Recalled by…Haag?
Although the thickness will give some idea of the warranty, Thicker shingles of poorer asphalt quality won’t last as long.

I was working a big storm for a BIG insurance company. The storm managers told us to quit using the gauge and that Haag was working an a problem. never heard about it again. I guess ask Haag.

I received feedback the gauge was good to go. I got along fine during Ike without it but its nice to have.

Can I find this video on Facebook?

No, you can find the entire video course here:

I went through it once and will go through it again in the slow season. I have only one criticism. When teaching you should try to keep the program interesting. He knows his stuff well and could have captured the attention of his audience with more enthusiasm.

Good Course

Good information and examples. I would have liked to see him on an actual hail damaged roof for better visual learning.

You mean like that guy who sells used cars on TV? :wink:

I really enjoyed this one. This guy knows his field well. I have two years experience as a insurance repair contractor, so i can relate to his perspective.

I liked the course a lot. It helped me know the difference in the types of hail damage. Also helped me with places to look for collateral damage.