New wind mit form and OIR

Will the new form be accepted on face value, or will “Certain entities” be allowed to intrepret it as they see fit?

All gray areas will still be just that. The scary part of this new form is that it allows insurance companies to request more information. There is no limit of the timeframe and put in the wrong hands it could be used to steer business from one company to another more preferred company.

We just received a phone call about an inspection performed July of 2009.

I gaurentee all involved will intrepret it as they see fit?

Why would that change. There is no one that will say what is right or wrong.

As usually nobody really gets what they want. Nobody. Hence the mess.

Update from Wayne

*The Financial Services Commission unaninmously passed the changes to the OIR-B1-1802 Form.

The emails did go noticed from the comments I received from staff, however I’m pissed to pass along that the OIR staff pulled me from out of the meeting, extremely upset at me because I showed up to speak - so while they were having a piece of my mind, the Commission took and quickly passed all three agenda items.

Staff argument related to all the changes is that it is all addressed in statute. They stated that 90% of home inspectors support the changes, however I challenged them on that statement.

Thank you to all who sent an email to express concern. If you happen to receive a response, please forward along.

Thank you in advance for your time,

Florida Home Inspectors Council*

Hahaha I love it. They were able to get 90% of inspectors to agree on something? Whoever managed that should be our next president.

Did you know that 85% of all statistics are made up? Thats right, 94% of experts polled showed that 72% of people who read statistics believe them.

I guess they just asked Don Meyler. We all know he does them all and does them perfectly and has never had a problem.

Screw them all. This business is run and ruined by pricks and idiots.

Welcome to politics/reality. You are young and honest, the system has manipulated your thinking, (eg, the required answers on the 1802 as per the gurus of the teachings). Who do the teachers have as a special interest? We are ticks on a dog, bite hard and you will get scratched off. As an inspector, let the homeowners get the correct answers from the inspections. Why do we need DNA to support our answers? Stay positive…

Does someone have a link to the new form?

Not me not yet. The proposed one is out but I would wait to see the final one that they say this is it in case there are any cosmetic changes. If you need the proposed one I have it just let me know and I will email it to you.

Check your email :smiley:


I sent you the proposed form to your normal email.

dAMN YOU BEAT ME BY A MINUTE. did you send him the proposed one or do you have the real deal yet?

I have the form that was on the cabinet agenda for today

I assume that was what you had posted before.

Is there a chance the final may “look” different?

Just wondering if I should begin working on my new template as well.

At least look sharp and crisp.

You sent this as a reply to the FHIC’s paid lobbyist Wayne? :shock:

Can someone email me the new form? Thanks

i sent you the proposed one. I do not know if it is the official one yet. It is what John had posted before.

thanks guys