New Wind Mitigation Course??

I sent a Wind Mitigation report to an insurance company and received this response: *this customer’s policy is actually going to be with Federated National, not Citizens. They want a copy of some certificate for a new class they say was started about 2 months ago. Have you taken that class and do you have the certificate? *

[FONT=Arial]Anyone know what class they are talking about. There is nothing in the law that says that the insurance company can say you have to have a specific course.

Did you include your InterNACHI Wind Mitigation Course certificate with the report?

I told them that I had taken that and the William York Class. I am still waiting for a response.

Wrong course.

You have to include your InterNACHI Wind Mitigation Inspection Course certificate with the report.


Are you saying that Federated National is not also accepting Bill York’s Class?

I don’t know what they don’t accept. I only know what they do accept.

No one needs to know all the courses that aren’t accepted.

I sent both just to be sure.