New wiring 'tool'

Create a new electrical product and some homeowner will find a way to misuse it!

ECI 075.jpg

Create a new tool and any electrician will find a way to misuse it.

Sorry…couldn’t resist. I have several electrician friends and have never seen them use a tool for what it was really designed for. Pliers used to hammer in wire staples, screwdrivers used to remove knockout plugs, milk crates as tool boxes and step stools. Electricians are a creative bunch to say the least.

So, what’s wrong with that? As long as it works !

Are you telling me that you have never used a pair of linesman pliers as a hammer?:slight_smile:

I have been known to do this, but only when my knockout removal tool is in the shop for repairs. :roll:

Look at any of my tool handles and you will probably notice all the nicks and scratches. I have been known to use ratchets, screwdriver handles, rocks, and anything else I can get my hands on sometimes to use as a hammer. Who wants to carry around one of those things all the time…they weigh down your tool belt after a while. Just about anything can be turned into a multi-use tool. :wink:

Yeah, and waste of a good clamp. :stuck_out_tongue:

John Kogel

Exactly, why do you think they have flat angular surfaces? So you can strike things at any angle. Geezzz…

BTW, the photo looks like what I call a “Hand operated modular load center”. Nice thing about this, when you fill it up, you can take another “Hand operated modular load center” plug it into the first and Shazam! You have crated twice the load capacity. I don’t why we don’t wire whole homes like this. ha ha ha ha :smiley:


Coulda just shot a 16d thru it… odds are you’d miss and in the end… that clamp is good for a lot of other things

It’s called a circuit splitter.