New Wisconsin home inspection legislation

Looks like the senate bill 559 has 2 proposed amendments. February 12, 2020 - Offered by Senator Bernier.
Senate amendment 2 to substitute amendment 1 of the Senate Bill 599.

As follows: Under current law, subject to certain exceptions, no individual may act as a home inspector, use the title “home inspector," use any title or description that implies that he or she is a home inspector, or represent himself or herself to be a home inspector unless the individual is registered with the Department of Safety and Professional Services. Similarly, no business entity may provide home inspection services, and no business entity may use the title “home inspectors" to describe the business entity’s services, unless each of the home inspectors employed by the business entity is so registered. In order to become a registered home inspector, an individual must not have a disqualifying criminal record and must pass an examination approved by DSPS. The practice of home inspectors is governed by statutes and by rules promulgated by DSPS. This bill does the following with respect to the law governing home inspectors:
1. Requires, in order to be granted a home inspector registration, that an individual complete 120 hours of instruction and 40 hours of field training, as well as the requirements under current law.
2. Provides for reciprocal registration of home inspectors licensed in other states who have comparable or more stringent requirements.
3. Adjusts the contents that a report submitted by a home inspector to a client is required to contain, including by adding a number of required elements for the
report, such as a summary page with required statements, and requiring defects to be labeled as defects if they satisfy the legal definition of defect.

From the link you provided: Line 3: NOTE:

A home inspector may not report on the market value or marketability for/of a property or whether a property should or should not be purchased.

InterNACHI moving to have their education accepted, Nick?