New Working RE Home Inspector Edition

[size=3][size=3]H[size=3]ello InterNACHI Home Inspectors, [/size][/size][/size][size=3][size=3][size=3] I wanted to let you know that a new Issue of Working RE Home Inspector Edition is available!

[size=3]Your very own Nick Gromicko is quoted[size=3] in our cover story! [size=3]InterNACHI is also placed with a full page ad!

Let me know your thoughts[size=3].[/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/size]

**Working RE Home Inspector Edition

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]([/FONT]**Playing the “Not Readily Accessible” Inspection Card](
*From a pad-locked electrical panel to an obstructed attic, sooner or later every home inspector encounters a situation where something is “not readily accessible.” Find out how the pros handle this often vexing aspect of everyday inspecting.*read more](

Rebutting Complaints](**
***Do you know what to do– and what not to do- to make sure you have insurance coverage when you need it? Do you know how to not hurt your “case” when trouble comes? A Senior Insurance Broker experienced in inspector issues shows you how to best cover your assets when dealing with complaints. **** read more]( ****

**Business Basics: Upping Your Game](
*Veteran inspector Jerry McCarthy shows you how to put you best foot forward to communicate professionalism on each and every job.**read more](

Expert Witness Subpoenas: How Not to Work for Free](
*Do you know what to do when you’re subpoenaed in someone else’s lawsuit? Hear from experienced home inspectors on how to best handle lawyers and subpoenas- and profit too! read more](
Selling Yourself and Your Services](

***Are you doing all you can to market your business and sell your services? There are some simple techniques that even the most sales-averse among us can use to close the deal. read more](
Inspectors: What to do with Claims](

***Expert insurance broker David Brauner, Senior Broker at, shows you what to expect when the worst happens and how best to fight back.**read more](

How to Date a House](
***Do you know how “date” a house? Save the flowers and chocolates and learn from a pro in this interesting article. *read more](

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