New Years Business Resolutions!

So every year for fun I make three new years resolutions and try to complete minimum one of them.
I did what I wanted for my business this year so that was great!

So just for fun for all of you that do them, what are your resolutions?? They don’t have to be business related if you can’t think of anything for your business. :slight_smile:

Mine are:

  1. expand my ancillary services to septic, well and water testing.
  2. get my Level 1 infrared
  3. expand to commercial

None business:

  1. 100 burpees a day every day for the whole year
  2. get my chicken and bee operation up and running
  3. have our last kid!
  4. upgrade my marine engineering license for my regular job

Let’s get 2021 going!!


Business: Get more commercial inspections! :slight_smile:

Non-business: Get our interior renovations finished! :joy:


Get up every day! :rofl: :nerd_face: :flushed:


That’s a good resolution, Larry!


It seems to work! It has been one of my resolutions for years. :grin:


Trade in the Vette for a new one :cowboy_hat_face:


Nice, Mark! I hope you get it.


Non business…finish the valiant…


Nice list, Jacob. I like how you plan to be more awesome in business and in personal life. Good balance.


Thanks! I read a lot and watch a lot of personal growth material and theres a quote I heard in one of the talks that stuck with me. That quote is: Inward reflection is outward projection. If I think and feel success, I’ll developed successful traits. 2021 here we come!


That reminds see of a story that I read:

An Indian Chief was sitting and fishing with his grandson and talking about life. after a time of silence, just fishing, the Chief said to the grandson, 'you know grandson that there are two wolves that are growing inside of us to win control of us and how we act. One wolf is kind and gentle and the other is mean and constantly fighting after other wolf’s food.

After some quiet, thoughtful time the grandson asks the Chief who wins the fight to control us and how we act?

The Chief was quiet for a while so the grandson waited and wondered. So, then the Chief said to the grandson: “The one that wins control over ourselves and how we act, is the one that we feed.”

Myself, I still find myself working on which wolf gets fed, from time to time. What do you all feed your wolves inside of you?


Business –

Double my inspections for 2021
Get my Drone Pilots license and incorporate drones into my inspections
Increase social media presence
Add RADON and Well Water testing

Non-business –

Get the retaining walls done in my yard so the pool guys can finish
Build a shed/pool house
Work on training the new doberman puppy
Spend more time with the wife and daughter


I thought that said “100 Slurpees”. :grin:
Thats alot of sugar!

Happy new year.


I just want to work,
Lots more fishing


Quit beating the shit out of a house with a hammer, and spend more time just looking. :flushed:
O, I forgot the wife says that I have to finish the renovations on our house, That sucks but I guess I will do it at a slow pace, of course, :smiley:


Keep breathing
try not to fall over when putting on socks
remember to wear pants when going outdoors…


Morning Eric Van De De Ven. Been some time.
Happy for your retirement. Best wishes for health and peace.

Recognized that intake a mile away.
What year. Mine was 1967.
They made an OEM intake to accept a 4 barrel. Look into it. Rare.

Loads of old members not posting this year, Eric. Appears they made a business resolution to retire. Best wishes to all members not of good heath. Never forgot you.

Keep s posted on the restoration if you could, Eric.


It’s a 64 Valiant convertible. It is a placeholder car, as I intend on purchasing a 69 Barracuda convertible somewhere down the road.

The slant 6, believe it or not, has a lot of performance options. The hyperpac option was one, there is even a dual one barrel intake manifold floating around!

Torqstorm superchargers, has a bolt-on supercharger kit for these as well.

The Valiant I have, and one of the reasons I got it, is it is a rare one. It is a slant six with a Factory 4 speed. I plan on putting it all together using the parts car that I have, and then let someone else do whatever they want to with it. At least they will have all the parts, and the body is 90% rust free.

I’ve never really done a resolution before. But this got me thinking :thinking:.

Increase tenfold.
Add drone (for fun too) :star_struck:.
Learn Spanish

Teach my kids new things. :thinking:

I’d be interested to see how these go for everyone. Happy New Year :confetti_ball:


Business was up better than 60% this year but I haven’t maxed out it’s potential. I think I can double it before having to hire. I have another business that I’d like to walk away from this year. The only way I can do that is to grow another 50%-60%. That’s a reasonable goal. Also, I’d like to add some services this year to generate more income from the clients I already have. Particularly services that I refer out like mold inspection. That will be added to my business in the next 10 days. And do more fishing.