New Years Contest Prize

InterNACHI if offering a NEW YEARS PRIZE competition.

Conditions to WIN…

Share with us the best complaint you have about InterNACHI,
and if selected, you win a free trip to the main office where
the girls in the office will beat the crap out of you.

You will also get this free coffee cup to remind you to be grateful
for all the InterNACHI benefits and the hard work the girls in the
office have to endure (try working for Nick and see how you like it).

So start complaining now and you too can meet the girls in the office.:mrgreen:

This photo below is last years winner…

Nick now speaks very sweetly to everyone in the office. (Tip of the day - do not
complain about LISA. Just ask Nick).

Good one lolol Happy New Year John

Haha, Thats funny stuff John! haha…

Happy New Years John and all my fellow NACHI brothers and sisters, I think I will just keep any complaints to myself as I am in no need of a beat down…LOL…:cool:

If you have any complaints, be afraid… be very afraid.

I have met most of the ladies in the office - they can beat me any time they want :wink:

Shoot! I don’t need no contest like that…

…I’m married, don’tcha know.

No complaints about INachi. After 36 years in the Air Force the girls in the office could never scare me.