New Years Resolutions - What Are Yours?

Hello All,

My New Years resolution is to be an even better father, husband and friend to all whom I touch on a daily basis. I also will strive to loose weight so that I can do ALL of the above as long as possible.

I also will strive to be LESS of a potty mouth…

How about YOU…what are your NEW Years Resolutions ?

I’m going to strive and beat your A$$ in golf when you get it here…:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Other than that? other resolutions…:smiley:

lol…man you are DEDICATED to something that will never happen Dale…I am untouchable…ask TIGER…no wait…he will not admit it…:slight_smile:

Yeah…Right…!..Opps…gotta run,…Phil is tooting the damn horn out front…:stuck_out_tongue:

lol…You WISH…oh wait…Tiger just stopped by to pay me the $ 100 bucks he owes me for stompin his butt…:slight_smile:

hahahaha be less of a potty mouth.(funny) Well shucks, darn it, by gosh by golly…I will try that too.
My resolution is to move! Summers are great in Seattle…but this winter made me realize cold stormy winters are not fun by gumps. Especially alone. My kids are grown and I am sad. I guess I will also try to be less independent and actually say ‘yes’ to a date or two. My dad told me before he died 10 years ago to not be so damn independent. Well…I will give it a shot. dammit.
Happy New Year everyone!

That a girl…:smiley:


May I gently suggest Scottsdale? (without potty mouth)…!..:smiley:

Dammit…I don’t blame you a bit…!

I’ll also show you how to beat Abernathy in golf, which isn’t hard…:smiley: …if you ever move to Scottsdale…!:smiley:

lol…oh man Dale…I am gonna LOVE beatin your BUTT on the ole’ Turf-Iron…

I vow to try to:

Play more football.
Build an off road buggy.
Finish and launch 4 major NACHI member benefit programs.
Launch at least another 50 minor member benefits.
Help get at least another 30 NACHI Chapters off the ground.
Rid our industry of preferred vendor lists.
Make the offering of repairs by inspectors illegal in every licensed state.
Launch 6 more major consumer sites.
Support advanced education providers.
Have’s traffic grow to 250 million hits per year.
Talk Keith Swift into doing a consumer targeted book.

Hi Dale…I have been seriously considering Scottsdale. The part that makes me hesitate is the summer heat…and yep I realize no place is perfect. Maybe I will email you with a couple questions if that is ok? thanks!