New Years Resolutions -

Alright it’s that time of year. Time to make em and break em…

What are they…

My main one is to create 1 hour a day 3 days a week to get to the Gym I have a membership of and never use.

The same here Gary, I belong to a fantastic Health club that is at the Hospital where my wife works and is literally 4 blocks away from me. I stopped going around June and I need to get back so bad. So on Monday it starts at least 3 days a week.

Are these club memberships expensive? I’ve been meaning to check them out but I’m afraid I’ll just have another hound on my trail trying to sell me something. :cool:

They are npt expensive if you pass out a business card or two there and get some business.

My resolution is to market myself better.

For me it’s just another day in my life.

However, because certain entities (like the IRS) consider it to be something significant, I do set new goals for the new year and start working on my tax returns.

I usually alter my life and the things that I do anytime I determine that something is wrong in my life and/or that something else is better. If you think you need to do something now, don’t wait for an excuse (like a new year) to start doing it. Do it now!

I have to lose 40 pounds soooooooooooo
I have adopted the NIKE tag line “just do it”

My goal is to travel more often…:smiley:

I’m planning to eat more, watch more t.v. and start smoking. It’s lofty, I know, but with dedication, I can pull it off. :smiley:

My new resolution is to invest in BEANO

Doesn’t work.

Mine is simple.

To be a deaf ear. When things are posted that don’t actually exist, I simply will not see them.:slight_smile:

Wow Joe, you have come on strong on this here MB recently.

Good for you.:slight_smile:

that is a hard thing to do…

I can do it.:roll::stuck_out_tongue:

Would you like an example?

Actually, it’s very easy: Ignore Group.