New York State Changing Test Requirments! No State Test

Excellent, thanks again, I’ll be in touch for sure, not today, but soon!

Just off phone, listened to conversation with state, the dept was totally caught off guard. Currently, they do not believe there will be any immediate changes to the classroom hour requirements, but there will prob be some curriculum content changes cause of the differences in exams. Also, they are not recommending you run out and take national test, just watch the NYS HI website for most up to date changes as they roll off the press.

Lucky man… Under the wire, last man standing… Our class was the cutoff, we were all ready to take test till they pulled the plug with almost no notice…


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Sorry James, good luck, at first I thought it was cancelled due to the snow storm.

Do all states recognize the national Home Inspection exam?
Continuing Education in New York is only allowed in Syracuse?

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I’m in MA and going for my second attempt in 2020. I thought I had the NHIE in the pocket and honestly I wish they let me use a dictionary (after two hours words did not make sense to me) plus they still will requiere you to follow up with 50 non-mock inspections submitted with you’re application after passing the test to receive an associate license, to follow up with 100 extra non-mock under someone else’s license paying you’re own EO to submit for the actual licensee that permits you to do business within the state jurisdiction. God speed my friend!!!

It is difficult, but it also thins-out the heard to the people that actually have a passion for this. Nonetheless that does not affect anyone whom has it beforehand they will be grandfathered. (Almost forgot the 75+ hr of training that took me 8 days)

There is states that with NHIE passed, you can start next day businesses if I remember correctly Arkansas is one of those. :sweat_smile:I got angry at the regulation and started looking/considering for loopholes but came to an understanding, with myself.

NYS Continuing Education is allowed at any/only one of the approved school houses…

Anyone got hints for the getting thru the NHIE?

James may any luck passing the nhie? I took it today and failed.

There will def be a shortage of new NYS inspectors over the next few years, the states required training is simply not in tune with the new exam. Not many will pay $2k in NYS reg training, then go spend more to get sufficient training to pass the exam.

The Governor and Legislator have done a disservice to the state, and are simply not updating the training to pass the exam. Most school houses are just taking your money and not ensuring their students are prepared to pass the new exam. Not good the federal government is still paying out big money to these school houses for insufficient training.

So how did your state mandated training prepare you for the new exam?

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My classroom training while teaching me a lot of material and preparing me to do an inspection was very good, but in no way did it help me on the nhie. I’ve since graduated from my required courses and I felt I was well prepared for this test I thought. Obviously not. My teachers have no answers for me at this point. It seems like I have to spend another 1000$ in books and study guides to even stand a chance to pass.

Have you passes the test yet?

I’m in the same boat. I was ready to take state test on 12/2, only to find out on 12/1 it was canceled cause of King Andrew.

This has been in the “plans” for long long time… your school failed to “notify” you! they knew!

Said they had no knowledge and then offered zero aupport after. Class of 8 lost in system…

They knew (worst case, should have known), the bill was introduced back in very early 2019 and was pending for months before it got signed. Don’t expect them to acknowledge, they don’t want to give your money back or have you take them to small claims. Come on!

However, I wouldn’t hold a grudge, in fact, I would embrace it! IMO, it’s a good thing! study hard, pass the test, and become one of the fewer new inspectors. In fact, you will need to know more than what’s on NHIE to be a competent home inspector.

You would think, especially if your nys schoolhouse number is #1. Apparently they claim they can not change the nys approved ciricululm, thus doubt you’d win a small claims case against school houses, only teaching what they are allowed. I would think the feds would have an issue with paying gi bill money to state approved courses that have curriculum that leads to no possible certification.

Anyone know of any gi bill approved national test prep courses?

Simon - MANY bills are introduced, sometimes MANY TIMES. Often the legislation is vetoed. Believe me, the training facilities DID NOT know in advance - it was only in bill form. Prince Andrew signed it into law just before the Thanksgiving Holiday when legislators had left for Holiday. Even the DOS/DOL was taken off guard and had no chance to prepare. Then, after complaints from prospective HI Candidates and their representatives Cuomo back-peddled and introduced “effective immediately” in his budget presentation an amendment to the effect “pass NHIE or any other exam the Secretary believes adequate, administered in any form”. NOW WHAT are we supposed to tell the students? An email asking that of the DOS/DOL was answered “the NHIE is the exam”. So, for the moment, that is where NY State Home Inspector Qualification examination stands.

Never said they knew when it would be signed into law. What I am saying is that the schools knew or should have known it was in the pipeline. The schools should have advised its students of a possible upcoming change that could be adopted at any time. How many times was a bill introduced to change from the state exam to NHIE ?

Lots of stuff is “in the pipeline” as you say Simon. No way in hell can anyone be expected to know what things are being proposed, looked into or lobbied for. The first introduction was over 5 years ago. We are not soothsayers. How can we advise on the unknown? Do I tell my students to be aware when they are taking the class that the exam might be be interrupted by an earthquake? With your line of thought, because we are near a potential fault area (Adirondack / Peru fault ) I would have to tell the students that. Yes - that may be a far out sample, but get real - how in the world could that be forecast to “warn” the students? Sometimes we have to “go with the flow”. I do suggest to students that things can change unexpectedly but do I “warn them” that some disgruntled legislator will introduce a bill saying that all home inspectors MUST hold a structural engineering degree from Clarkson, Union, RPI or RTI?