New York State Education Administrator?

I was intersted in learning who the New York State Educational Administrator is. There have been some confusion as to the role of the Educational Administrator in the state, and having an administrator may clear up come confusion. To date, I know of no less than 6 names that have been suggested.

I hope the Education Committee is able to let the New York State members know who, if any is in this New York State administrative position.

As stated in previous emails sent today, Mr Tom Valosin, is the only person who volunteered for this position.

As Mr. Valosin has only been notified this date of his acceptance, I’m sure he will be in touch with all New York Chapter Presidents very soon.

Thanks for your concerns.

Thank you,

I look forward to hearing from Mr. Tom Valosin. As the President of the New York Metro Educational Chapter I would like to see the many ways this new organization will benefit NACHI Members and assist chapters, such as mine, Len Ungars (LI Chapter) and Pat Maietta’s (NY NACHI Chapter).

Congrats to Tom Valosin,



Tom Valosin,

Thank you for entertaining my call yesterday. I still do not know what the purpose of a State Administrator will be, since I was informed I as Chapter President will still be communicating with Colorado and as a NY State Approved School, will deal directly with the State of New York. NO school, even those who have agreed to give discounts to NACHI members will allow an appointed individual to speak on their behalf involving education.

To this end, my school does not and will not permit any individual, other than those whose names have been filed with New York State, Dept. of State, Division of Licensing Services to speak on my schools behalf involving any educational matter related to my school, my courses, programs or educational offerings.

I was told by Colorado that this is perfectly acceptable, and since multiple members of the Education Committee own or operate schools, I am sure they would not allow anyone to speak on their behalf as it relates to their school operations. If I am wrong, please advise me of this in this open forum.

Regarding the New York Metro Educational Chapter, which I founded and am the president. I was informed that chapters are autonomous from day to day NACHI activities and the Education committee does not have oversight over chapters. If they now have chapter oversight, then the application and formation information in Colorado must be changed to reflect this new level of government with NACHI. I would like to see, in writing that this has changed.

Both the Long Island Chapter and the Metro Chapter members (since we run many meetings together) seem pleased with our efforts and boast many Home Inspection Members. We, as chapters must be doing something right, and as volunteers, we were informed the success or failure of a chapter is based upon our energies, not the energies of any National NACHI Committee.

I am replying here as not to disrupt your private state administrator board posting, which was designed for administrators. If everyone is so disturbed by “vendors” then simply eliminate them. Watch how quickly members will be upset about not receiving negotiated discounts.

Since NACHI does not offer any courses in NY and my school offers the state approved program at a significantly reduced price lower than other schools in NY and around the country, I believe I have set the pricing for the state.

In the past I was told you get what you pay for, but other posts suggested that low cost, high quality is a good idea. Russ M. stated that vendors had to reduce their prices. Even Gerry’s 50 hour course which is NACHI endorsed is more expensive than my 100 hour program in NY State. I am sure that both programs are high quality, with price not being an issue for either vendor.

Let the quality of the course speak for itself. With the overwelming majority of my graduates passing the state exam and becoming licensed, obviously the students must be learning the mandated materials. I recommend they become NACHI members and become part of a National Organization. Should I not endorse and publicize the benefits of NACHI. I believe in the future growth of NACHI even if I do not feel certain intermediate levels of governmental within NACHI is necessary.

Much luck, success and energy in your new position. I hope the system works and is further defined to make sure that everyone IS on the same page, and understands the RULES, which to date have not existed.