New York State Education Conference

The New York Metro Chapter, in conjunction with the Long Island Chapter, as well as several other regional associations will be offering a 3 day conference/ program in March for Home Inspectors to meet their continuing Education requirements in NY State. This will be an approved continuing education program, with multiple vendors as well to benefit the membership of NACHI. By including sponsor vendors, we can reduce the fees for classes as well and expose New York Inspectors to those vendors who wish to offer programs to benefit the inspection trade.

Our final information will be available on or before December 15th, 2006, and the programs will be strategically located in Hauppauge, NY- with our tentative location being the Hyatt Windwatch 4 star Hotel, which offers a full service health club, thousand of square feet of meeting space, an 18 hole golf course as well as easy access via the Long Island Expressway. Many will stay at the hotel, others wil commute. Both is acceptable.

watch for more details once we finalize the classes and sign the contracts. We will limit the vendor booths to 25, which will be accessible throughout the entire conference.

3 days to meet your ce credit and network with fellow Home Inspectors throughout New York State.

Open to all NACHI Members at a reduced fee schedule which will include all programs, materials and conference events.

For further information, contact (after 12-15-06) Len Ungar at or Bill Merrell at

Much luck and success! We plan on making this event exciting, state approved and affordable to make it the event of the year for New Yorkers!

TO BENEFIT THOSE WHO WERE CONFUSED BY THIS POSTING, WE WILL NOT LIST THE DATES, TIMES, COURSE TOPICS, NOR PRICING UNTIL EACH AND EVERY COURSE WE WILL OFFER IS APPROVED BY NY STATE. We successfully did the same thing last year for those who needed licensing courses, and did not take 1 dime until the classes were approved (all 140 hours). We announced our intention of offering that program well in advance to let NACHI members know what was going on! We are doing the same with this proposed program, subject to NYS approval.

We Will Have A Fully Functioning Web Site, Dedicated To This Event Exclusively Once Nys Approves All Of Our Home Inspection Continuing Education Seminars.

More To Follow…
Once NYS gives us the green light, we will issue specifics for dates, times, pricing, etc.- More later!

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They open the golf course in March each year, however if there are snow drifts, I am sure that the golf is not an option.

Hope to see you for NYS Home Inspection CE at the conference-

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NACHI Members:

Once the state sets forth approvals and determinations, I will supply all the information, pricing, dates, course titles, etc.

Has NY State approved applications/process for CE yet?

What are the CE requirements for NY, and where can I find them ?

As of last week (11/08) the State has not approved the application or content.

GUY’S & Doll’s
If you read posts 1 & 2 it states that no CE’s are approved as of the present time and as soon as they are everyone will be told. Bill is trying to get everything in place so we don’t have to wait till the last minute for our CE credit for NYS when renewal time comes. I hope this clears up this question???
Regards Len Ungar L I Nachi Chapter Pres. ]


I, too, am waiting for the State to allow me to submit several CE courses for consideration. I have seen and heard messages from Bill several times that CE course submissions are not yet ready. But, when you read the announcement, even those of us in the know, are confused. I believed that CE courses were approved, or that they had been submitted for approval andwere waiting that approval within 60 days.

When one plans an event far in advanced of the anticipation of a process being ready and of course approval, it can cause confusion.

There’s no problem, here, but I think more clarity is needed in the announcement. If the process was approved, I would submit at least one for immediate approval, and would probably contact Bill to be a part of your training conference. The conference is a great idea.

Greetings To All:

I was informed by the New York State, Dept. of State that within the next 30-60 days there would be a program in place for home inspector continuing education approvals. To that end, I have multiple courses ready to submit to the state. Once these courses are approved, for which I am reasonably certain, I will make available these courses in an educational conference environment in NY State, which has been formulated, awaiting NY State course approval.

If you remember last year, I presented a program to the state, and would not take 1 dime until such time that the state approved my entire program. Once they did, I began marketing it at a reduced fee for NACHI members. My school was the 3rd school approved in NY State for Modules 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5- which consists of the entire 140 hour program.

You can take home inspectioncontinuing education approved by NY State, (once the approvals occur) , anywhere. I plan on making it affordable. I plan on offering it in a conference setting so that the requirements are complete for each home inspector in 1 event, rather than taking a multitude of seminars throughout the year which usualyy equate to higher fees.

My plans are contingent upon NY State approval. Until my courses are approved, I will not list them, nor allow any registration process to occur. You will note, I have not listed the titles, the outlines, the hours or anything relevent to the course, until my courses are approved by NY State for Home Inspection Continuing Education Credit.

I am sure many reputable schools will be offering a host of courses throughout NY State. Anyone can take courses anywhere the classes are approved. I am just telling NACHI members of my plans to host an education conference to make this affordable and reasonable for licensed inspectors in NYS.

As I stated in my 1st posting, further information will occur once the state approves each of the courses I wish to offer. Until then, everything is simply speculation on anyone’s part. I will offer discounted fees for NACHI members. Let’s wait and see what courses are approved and when.

You will note, there is no date, no courses listed, no time table and no pricing UNTIL THE STATE OF NY approves my seminars and courses. Once this occurs, I will make sure that NACHI members are offered these courses at a reduced fee.

If anyone has any questions about all of our approved courses in New York State, you may go to our main web site at for a current listing of approved courses. I have created a new web site specific for the educational conference, but no information will be listed until such time as NY State approved my courses.

I have received many e-mails asking to sign up. I will not register anyone for a program, yet to be determined, dates yet to be announced and courses yet to be approved. Those interested will be asked to sit tight for the next 30 days and once we have our approvals, I have asked Nick to post it to every NACHI member in NY State, at a discounted rate.

Those who are not interested, have every right to decide where to take their education.

I wish each NACHI member much luck and success and happiness now that Thanksgivng is approaching. Last year, at this time, there were many posts regarding school approvals, and to my word, I waited until the classes were approved before I took 1 dime.

Have a great Thanksgiving.


Thanks Len for the help regarding this information.

It appears that NY State will be mandating 20 hours of continuing education pr 2 year cycle- When more information is finalized, I will post it here!

Joe F- Much luck and success in your endeavors to offer a CE or multiple CE courses in NY State. As you know, NYS will begin CE shortly to meet regulations of the licensing law.

As I have stated in the past, I am offering this program, once NYS approves same. I am going to make them available for a discount tuition to NACHI membership, and I wish the membership to be aware of the time frame to which I would like to make these programs available, when the weather is still cold and inspections are not as popular.

We must wait for the state of make final determinations, which I believe will be forthcoming shortly. Until then, no dates, no course titles, no pricing and no hours are listed.

Those who are interested in our educational conference in March 2007 should stay tuned for more information once we are able to state we have NYS approved home inspection ce classes.

Again, Happy Thanksgiving NACHI members!


One very important thing was addressed on this post, it will probably be too cold to play golf in March 2007. Those who are looking for golf should go to the Pro-Lab sponsored event in Florida- Golf is year round there! I will be coordinated the event so it does not conflict with pro-lab’s event!

More later…